‘Hope’ 30x40 Acrylic on Canvas

It’s apparent to me more and more that we can not sit idly by and wish that the world would be kinder to women. From the recent kavanaugh appointment to the #metoo movement we are reminded of our place by the powers that be. ‘Hope’ is an ode to the strength of us, to our fury, to our conviction. She represents the power of us, that cannot be diminished or pushed off. Even stripped bare, she stands in the face of adversity. ‘Hope’ is the hero within all of us.

The Tracy Piper

Tracy Piper is an ex-circus performer turned figurative painter. A kaleidoscope of vibrant color; Tracy’s work tackles the changing landscapes of community and identity in the 21st century. She has shown at both SCOPE Miami and SCOPE New York, and shows all over the world. In 2017 Tracy competed on the hit TV show ‘Skin Wars: Fresh Paint’ and emerged victorious. She graduated from the Illustration program at California College of the Arts with distinction in 2012.

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