An abstract dream that sings to us from far off places.
16.25”x23.12” (41.27cm x 58.73cm)
Ink on paper, hand cut collage.
Las Laguna Gallery Selected Women in Art Group Show
Produced in 2019

Juried show inclusion, Las Laguna Gallery, Laguna Beach, California.

Katherine Filice

EXHIBITIONS: LONDON • NEW YORK • CALIFORNIA • HONG KONG • SINGAPORE • CHICAGO 2019 ACA FIGURATIVE ARTIST OF THE YEAR ARTGEMINIPRIZE 2019 FINALIST ART REVOLUTION 2019 FINALIST STARTUP SF 2019 & 2020 PRIZE WINNER ARTROOMS LONDON 2018 SELECTED BIOGRAPHY Katherine Filice is best known for her unique approach to meditative line making. Using primarily a fine-point Rapidograph technical pen, she explores the human experience with a provocative and unexpected dialogue. Filice pushes the technical possibilities of a simple curved ...

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