Drawing. Ink on Paper. Archival Framed. Original Size: 24"w x 18"h

Curator Review: I Remember “Eloquent and imaginative, this piece gently imprints itself in the mind as the defining title suggests. Condensed outlines construct the flowing shapes in a fresh, liberated manner and Filice’s singular use of color further expounds on this ‘release’. This innovative interpretation of a memory has been diligently executed and showcases the artistry and spirit of artist Katherine Filice” —E.E. Jacks

24" x 18" (60.96 x 45.72cm) Framed Size 30.5”W x 25”H
Pen and ink on paper. Produced in 2018
Archival Framed. Available.

• Selected as finalist in 2019 International Artist Grand Prize Competition Art Revolution Taipei April
•March 2019 Apero Prize Winner
• Featured in December 2018 Issue WOTISART? Magazine

Katherine Filice

LONDON • NEW YORK • CALIFORNIA • HONG KONG • SINGAPORE • CHICAGO FIGURATIVE ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2019 ACA AWARDS ARTGEMINIPRIZE 2019 FINALIST ART REVOLUTION 2019 FINALIST STARTUP SF 2019 PRIZE WINNER ARTROOMS LONDON 2018 SELECTED Katherine Filice is best known for her unique approach to meditative line making. Using primarily a fine-point Rapidograph technical pen, she explores the human experience with a provocative and unexpected dialogue. Filice pushes the technical possibilities of a simple curved line, while asking ...

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