Historically there are certain subjects within photography that are almost untouchable, off limits and many that are cliched. There is no doubt that the subject and documentation of water towers is certainly one of those, so how can a photographer reinterpret and document with new eyes to engage the viewer in a way that brings new life to the subject.

The Bechers certainly put their mark on water towers with their forensic topological survey, over many decades, with their dead-pan approach and strict photographic process it is hard to see why or how this subject can be captured without being closely associated and compared to such a substantial, celebrated and complete body of work.

What Lewis brings to this subject is an almost opposing approach to the alien structures in the everyday landscape, whereas the Bechers work can be viewed as a cold and traditional study of the architectural qualities of water towers Lewis has taken a purely aesthetic approach to capture the structures in an almost otherworldly appearance. By bringing a distinct aesthetic to the water towers that celebrate these architectural anomalies that are often ignored and regarded as stains on the landscape in many towns and villages across the UK he breath's life into the strange and sublime, highlighting the somewhat science-fictional design of these colossal structures that all serve the same purpose.

Richard Lloyd Lewis

Born in the South Wales valleys Richard Lloyd Lewis is a UK based photographer and artist, his passion is rooted in documentary / architectural projects that investigate subjects that hide or are hidden away from the public gaze. Lewis has exhibited nationally for over 20 years and his works are now held in notable private and museum collections. Lewis has exhibited nationally alongside artists such as Tracey Emin, Steve Pyke, Hannah Starkey, Gavin Turk, Nadav Kander, Martin Parr, Paul M ...

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