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I was back from "Fun Park Kathmandu" (amusement park in Kath'), crossed an incredibly long covered market, and then went out to the daylight. She was there, sitting on a chair by a market stall. Her granddaughter translated my request for a portrait. She told me her grandmother was very beautiful, formerly. She is still.

A metal print is a good choice for this picture. A float frame will make it more stylish


I'm a french photographer. My work deals with human beings, and every action they might have. As a main work, I'm the official photographer of the french Postal Service (making portraits of executive board, main events around the world, ...). But, I'm also one of the official photographers for the French Swimming Federation. And I'm very involved in training photography. I'm the teacher of photography at the Fine Art School of Vietnam (Hanoi) where I teach photography to the 4th ...

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