This photo was taken in one of Paris' art galleries. I was struck by the vulnerability of this tall man who seemed to be lost among other visitors. Multiple reflections have added to the symbolic complexity of the human soul.

Krzysztof Szczurek

A linguist by profession, I'm a self-taught photographer, learning by doing, failing and always trying to explore new territories. After several years of searching urban streets for interesting motives I turned to a more intimate space of staged photography, drawing inspiration from Old Masters' painting and re-interpreting motives that have become inextricable part of our cultural DNA.

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Life Framer is a renowned platform for discovering and celebrating contemporary photography from emerging and professional artists around the world. It hosts an independent award where each Edition there are 12 monthly call for entries, each overseen by a world-renowned photographer or industry professional. To date judges have included Steve McCurry, Mona Kuhn, Martin Parr, David Alan Harvey and Alison Morley from the ICP, as well as representatives from MoMA and Tate Modern. Winners have been showcased at gallery exhibitions ...

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