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“I have a fascination for translating words into images in the purest, simplest way. I jot down words that fascinate me. ‘Wallflower’ is an example. It has huge appeal to me and my imagination runs with it. The wallflower is known for being shy, quiet, reserved, pure and vulnerable, yet simultaneously strong and sparkling. In this project I look for more words that create wallflower and shows that in silence there is still something to say.

Nathalie Dekker

Nathalie Dekker (1976, The Hague) is a Dutch photographer, she lives and works in Overveen, near Haarlem and Amsterdam. She has a fascination for translating words into images, in the purest simplest way. She jot down words that fascinate her. The words themselves trigger her imagination and she knows how to capture their essence in a contemporary way. The unique way she looks at them is both unexpected and accessible. Just with a little bit of difference and playfulness, she ...

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