Leafy Sea Dragon, Rose Gold & Blue series

Leafy Sea Dragon is a rare marine fish, living along the southern coastline of Australia. They resemble floating seaweed or kelp and live among seagrass meadows.

Work from Rose Gold & Blue series. Gouache painting in blue shades on rose taupe, metallic gouache paint used for the background, size 24 x 30 cm, 2019

Color palette: Turkish Rose, Rose Taupe, Blush, Endeavour / Mariner / Danube Blue, Tapestry and Mountbatten Pink

© Clipso-Callipso / Julia Khoroshikh, 2019

Julia Khoroshikh

St Petersburg based artist, working with traditional media mostly - acrylic, pastels and wool and loves painting. Fantasy / surreal art, floral art - abstract and realistic, pattern design.

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