Discovery Collection > Sussex River by Gill Bustamante

A print on canvas or paper of a Sussex River with wildflowers and magpies. The painting is semi abstract, art nouveau in style and was painted using very thick paint. It was painted after I took a long walk along the river Ouse near Barcombe in summertime on a dull but hot day. I tried to reflect this dullness with coldish colours as opposed to my usual warm ones. I like the pink and purple flowers that grow next to rivers as they contrast so well with the green water and fields beyond. As always, when you walk in England, there was a continuous background noise of birds and insects as well as constant motion as they fly randomly about. Like many people I love walking along rivers. You can see them vanish in the distance and it is very alluring to keep walking along them in case you discover something wonderful...

Gill Bustamante

I am an artist based in Sussex, England and I paint large landscape paintings and seascape paintings in oil on canvas. My painting style is not always easy to define but has elements of abstract, Impressionist, Expressionist and possibly some Art-Nouveau. ​Although I have a fine art degree in sculpture (acquired at Brighton in 1983), I am largely self-taught as a painter. For many year’s I painted animal portraits but finally realised I was having to repress my urge to ...

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