Taste The Rainbow

Being a candy junky I've always tried to incorporate candy into my art whether its painting or photography. This painting in oil actually began as a study in composition for my camera. Having finished the photo shoot the prints kicked around the studio for the longest time until one day I needed subject matter for a painting style I was working on. Thus came about this painting. The style of the painting is one in which I blend colors by scrapping them together to create the image and effects of shadows and highlights. This painting is from the early years of my painting.

Jeremy Bach

I'm a multi disciplined, award winning, emerging artist. While I've been involved with the world of art for the past fifteen years it's been in the last three years that I've had moderate success at the international level. My photography has been in such galleries as the Blank Wall gallery in Athens Greece and The Black Box gallery in Portland Oregon as well as having my images in group exhibitions from Los Angeles to Glasgow Scotland and beyond. Painting is ...

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