Minimalist > Koi Tancho Leo Major

Koi Tancho with a crest like a lions mane.
Hercules, the hero of many Greek myths, was commanded by the angry King Eurites to perform twelve perilous tasks, known as the Labors of Hercules. The lion represents the first of these dangerous feats. Hercules was ordered to get rid of the man-eating lion of the Forest of Nemea. Taking his bow and arrow and sword, he attacked the lion that appeared before him. His foe, however, was a supernatural lion with an immortal body that could not be wounded by arrows or swords. Hercules wrapped his arms around the neck of the lion and squeezed with all of his tremendous strength. The supernatural lion was no match for power of Hercules, and was slain. The constellation of the Lion was named in memory of this great feat of Hercules.


Gordon Lavender is a British painter, from Liverpool, in whose work we can recognise a strong inspiration in Asian Koi painting and Koi art altogether. This inspiration of Asia, actually far East, Japan in particular is maintained through fresh, varied composition of a painting, which before else seduces you with its minimalistic beauty. There is no doubt that Lavender has stepped into a deep field of beauty and that his amplitude is a harvest of high inspiration and endless talent. ...

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