Seasonal Dreams > The Owls Wood

The Owls Wood is 30x30x1.5 inches oil painting on canvas in contemporary art nouveau style of a white owl in an autumn wood. The painting shows a view along an autumn path through rows of trees vanishing in the distance. Autumn colours of greens, yellows, reds and oranges can be seen through white branches and the owl floats behind them in stealth mode as owls do. She is silent and deadly and beautiful and she owns this little forest. The paint is thick and luxurious and is reminiscent of stained glass. The painting started life as a more traditional autumn forest path painting but needed something extra so I added more as I like layers and the idea of things being hidden and then revealed. The painting is dedicated to owl lovers and anyone helping to keep our English forests ancient and beautiful and safe for their wildlife. It was inspired simply by how happy walks in Sussex landscapes make me and my quest to actually see a white barn owl in one of my walks which I am yet to do. https://youtu.be/z1yENZxLiqU

Gill Bustamante

I am an artist based in Sussex, England and I paint large landscape paintings and seascape paintings in oil on canvas. My painting style is not always easy to define but has elements of abstract, Impressionist, Expressionist and possibly some Art-Nouveau. ​Although I have a fine art degree in sculpture (acquired at Brighton in 1983), I am largely self-taught as a painter. For many year’s I painted animal portraits but finally realised I was having to repress my urge to ...

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