Titled “Gold Digger: Silver Lining", this painting was inspired by one’s journey of being fearless and go against the grain. A story of self-wealth, self-identity, and the drive to be successful – be self-made.

Gold Digger is a metaphor for striving for ultimate success. A combination of acrylic, ink, spray paint, silver leaf and gold metal leaf on canvas was used to complete this piece.

Bollee Patino

Bollee Patino is a contemporary street artist with a fast-paced practice between hastily sketched motifs and a cacophonous flurry representation of abstract expressionism, street art and pop art saturated with bright, eye-popping color. His artwork contains a multi-layered chaotic metaphor of his personal life, social views while flirting with identity subjects of ego and a sense of self. He often pulls from his graffiti background with influences from the underground skate and hip-hop cultures and other forms of design to ...

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