Just as steel becomes stronger and more flexible through the process of heating and cooling, just as a caterpillar becomes a butterfly through metamorphosis, the spirit becomes whole by letting our ego and fear melt away, and reshape into something divine.

Showing at Gallery 1202 Gilroy Ca USA “Show Me Your Neon” group show.

Katherine Filice

Award winning American artist working primarily with ink on paper EXHIBITIONS: LONDON • NEW YORK • CALIFORNIA • HONG KONG • SINGAPORE • CHICAGO • VIENNA BEYOND 20/20 BEST IN SHOW (PACIFIC ART LEAGUE) 2019 ACA FIGURATIVE ARTIST OF THE YEAR ARTGEMINIPRIZE 2019 FINALIST ART REVOLUTION 2019 FINALIST STARTUP SF 2019 & 2020 PRIZE WINNER ARTROOMS LONDON 2018 SELECTED BIOGRAPHY Katherine Filice is best known for her unique approach to meditative line making. Using primarily a fine-point Rapidograph technical pen, ...

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