Mallow Collage Blue Version

Blooming hollyhock mallows, blue flowers in summer garden. Floral art in mixed media (paper collage and white gel pen sketch, color enhancements), 2019
© Clipso-Callipso /Julia Khoroshikh
Color palette: shades of blue - Shakespeare, Chambray, Gigas, Kimberly, Governor Bay, Victoria, Fountain Blue, Minsk blue, Boston Blue, Regent St Blue, Wild Blue Yonder, Rock Blue
#papercollage #malva #malves #mallow #malvacea #hollyhocks #stemrose #botanical #floralart #abstractbotanical
#juliakhoroshikh #clipsocallipso

Julia Khoroshikh

St Petersburg based artist, working with traditional media mostly - acrylic, pastels and wool and loves painting. Fantasy / surreal art, floral art - abstract and realistic, pattern design.

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