Stanford Court Hotel - December > Rainbow Octopus (With Blacklight)

I use mostly acrylic and oil on canvas, wood panel, and paper. I also use mixed media. In the past, I have used fabric, dying, cutting, and assembling to build textures. The size of my pieces vary. They range from 5”-by-5” to 8’-by-10’ canvases.

My subjects are animals. I also do abstract paintings. Sometimes, I paint human subjects. I’m interested in human anatomy. When facial features intrigue me, I start to paint the human figure. And I have done landscapes.

I mainly started painting to heal myself, because I was grieving. And now I am painting, of course, because I love it and love animals. But the main reason why I paint is to send a message to people who see my art—I want them to know—that the love of animals is universal. It carries no judgement about their race, sex, gender, etc.

Jun Yang

Jun Yang, born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, has made San Francisco his home for the past 10 years. The City inspires Jun and his art with its cultural diversity, celebrated urban landscape, natural beauty as well as the socially inclusive culture which provides support and protection for an artist. Jun is a self taught, multifaceted and resourceful artist who uses a broad range of techniques and materials creating art pieces in a variety of sizes and locations, from ...

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