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Mi Musa es la Música
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Painting: Oil on Canvas.

This is my second work with oil, and I wanted to show a being from another world, made it with musical instruments as if it were a band.
I leave the rest for the interpretation of each one.

A kind of magical and surrealistic piece.

I made this with this materials: Canvas Talens, and oil colors by Van Gogh and Rembrant

Arles Gayo

I was born in Barcelona, on February 21. 80s. Decade of metamorphosis in multiple sectors. Political, social, cultural, aesthetic, among many others. I suppose that the fact of growing up in a concrete era can be considered as something relevant and influential, in part, in the formation of an individual. It is said, in psychological terms, that the cause that causes problems of shyness in a person, apart from genetics, is the over-stimulation he receives from his own inner world. ...

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