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Ernest, love for photography started in high school, yearbook & photography club. Riding the subway, he was always thinking about the images he could capture. At a young age he was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. As a result, he took different paths on his educational journey. That lead to different job fields. He received his Associates degree in liberal arts with a concentration in Health and History. Ernest had the desire to do more for other people affected with Crohn’s disease. He started a campaign on Facebook for Crohn’s disease. The campaign is called The C.A.G.E, an acronym for Crohn’s Awareness Global Engine. That campaign lead him back to his passion of Photography. He created a photography company called POLM Photography. POLM is pronounced Palm, that is an acronym for Passionate Open Loving Memories. He started to take on different aspects of photography. His first solo show was at the Art House. He studied at Photo Manhattan getting a certificate in photography. He is currently attending FIT’s Certification program for digital still photography. Along with getting a certification from Adobe in graphic arts. Ernest has taken his business internationally, by working with different groups in an effort to create social change, in South Africa. Going to South Africa, lead him on a journey to discovering his own ancestry, of Nigerian, Guinea-Bissau, Irish, Iberian and Indigenous roots in the Americas. That lead him to create a campaign called V&I which stands for Voices and Images. A campaign geared to help African artist in New York and South Africa develop. Artist throughout the African Diaspora, Afro-Americans, Africans, Caribbean’s, Latinos, Black Australians, Brazilians, Afro Indians & Arabs. In 2019 he created the Grey Area Gallery show a place for all artists to develop their work and craft. His dream is to continue to create a Photography company that showcases the art he envisions.

Mr. Ernest

Mr. Ernest

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"POLM" pronounced Palm is an acronym that stands for (PASSIONATE OPEN LOVING MEMORIES) Our company mission is (TOGETHER WE CAN CREATE EVERYTHING WE ENVISION) when it comes to imagery. We put together three different themed gallery shows. Right now we are promoting (THE GREY AREA) which is series based on black and white imagery and the concept of what grey means when an artist hears the word grey and what sparks from that into imagery, into photos.

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