I am really inspired about animal and wildlife. They so beautiful as needed for our planet.
We need them all, and it's hard to believe how we are helping in their extinction.
We are all animals, never forget that, we have the same rights and duties of every animal we leave in this planet.

I created this characters to reflect that philosophy. It's a character who dresses as an animal, because it is what we are.

I am trying to educate (in a humble way) people to understand this with my art.

Javi Corellano

I am an artist born in Barcelona. I have live in differtent places of the word, as France, India or the United States. The last years I was living in San Francisco, California where I lived and worked and had the chance of showing my work in some galleries and the California Academy of Sciences, as making some murals in the city. Nowadays I am living back and forward between San Francisco and Barcelona where I set my new studio ...

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