Redfish Poker Time at the Reef Bar

from my series of Redfish Poker paintings. The first was a donation to the Wounded Warriors on Pine Island Florida for their fishing tournament a few years back. Since then, the paintings have become more detailed and larger! This latest one (sorry, the original is sold) has Mr. Redfish, a mahi mahi, puffer and Hogfish. I have detailed their scales with lots of layers and textures on the original painting. There is an octopus cocktail waitress, and other invertebrates enjoying the fun around the painting!

Linda Kegley

Linda Kegley moved to Florida from Lexington, Kentucky where she was an active member of the arts community, calligrapher, graphic designer, and owner of LK Artworks, an advertising and graphic design business. She lives in Clearwater, not far from the water. An award-winning artist, she has created commissioned pieces for scores of clients, some as far away as Japan. The “Don't Drink Like a Fish ™” series, continues to evolve with new situations, fish, patterns and themes. She has created ...

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