My new nature abstracts are from “The Tarn”- Acadia National Park. The Tarn is a shallow, weedy “pond”. I chased light and the ever changing colors on multiple days during various times of the day under all environmental conditions including gale force winds and bone chilling temperatures. The changing light produced wonderful results where the dancing marsh reeds synchronized in motion and spirit with this magical area of Acadia.

Limited Edition of 75
I use high gloss aluminum sheets that really make the colors “Pop”! Because the image is infused into the surface via a heated press and not on it, the composition takes on a magical luminescence. The surface is easy to clean, weatherproof, and ultra-hard scratch resistant.

Detail and resolution are unsurpassed and the artwork is at an archival quality. Finished with a Float Mount hanger that is attached to the back of the work, and floats the artwork 1/2-inch off the wall

Dennis Sabo

Dennis Sabo is an internationally award winning photographer specializing in contemporary fine art abstract, landscape, and seascape photography. The recipient of the 2019 Healing Power of Art & Artists membership award for the Healing Power of Color exhibition from Manhattan Art International, New York, Dennis offers unique landscapes and natural world abstracts that capture the beauty and spirit of nature. Dennis's fine art has been included in solo and group gallery exhibitions, commercial installations and private home collections throughout the ...

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