Colorful skits > Lunar ballet

Oil painting. 81 X 100 cm- 2019

A full moon night. While Earth sleeps, a young girl dances in the dark night. The movement of his arms is reminiscent of a flapping of wings. Two owls seem to be accompanying him in a synchronized night ballet. A third little owl gives the impression of singing for the occasion.

This fantasy takes us into the time of innocence and grace, that of the girl’s flight.

Victoria Stagni

Victoria Stagni, painter in Bordeaux. Born in Buenos Aires of a Paraguayan father and an Argentinean mother, Victoria Stagni apprenticed in oil painting at Pierre Lafage (a graduate of the Beaux-Arts in Paris and Bordeaux) in the Atelier Fine Arts of Bordeaux. At the same time, she set up her workshop in the Bordeaux district of Chartrons. Since 2015, Victoria has been part of the collective of international artists "Human Beings, What Unifies Us?" made up of Cuban, European and ...

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