Oil painting- 73X92 cm- 2019
In a springtime Japanese setting, a little girl sits on a branch beside two magpies that appear bigger than her. We are immersed in a supernatural universe that hesitates between Lewis Caroll and Walt Disney.

But what do these two deadly creatures want, like Heckle and Jeckle, with their hallucinated gaze at this little fairy of the woods? Their lust manifest towards the ingenuous who, immersed in his reverie, does not seem to notice them, makes uncomfortable. One of them has undoubtedly donated the feather she holds in her hands.

Once again, following successive readings that we can make of the work, rapture disputes it with terror ...

Victoria Stagni

Victoria Stagni, painter in Bordeaux. Born in Buenos Aires of a Paraguayan father and an Argentinean mother, Victoria Stagni apprenticed in oil painting at Pierre Lafage (a graduate of the Beaux-Arts in Paris and Bordeaux) in the Atelier Fine Arts of Bordeaux. At the same time, she set up her workshop in the Bordeaux district of Chartrons. Since 2015, Victoria has been part of the collective of international artists "Human Beings, What Unifies Us?" made up of Cuban, European and ...

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