Oil painting- 80X80 cm- 2016

The painting asks us about our aging and our near death. The artist, seen from behind, contemplates himself in a small mirror and the reflection reveals an older face than expected, a "mature" face with marked features. Birds of prey, diurnal and nocturnal, impose their presence on a milky silver-gray background: we are between day and night, between life and death. Does the barn owl resting on the painter's head symbolize the purity of the soul? As for the vulture who watches and grazes the shoulder of the artist, he seems a guardian of the realm of the dead.

Victoria Stagni

Victoria Stagni, painter in Bordeaux. Born in Buenos Aires of a Paraguayan father and an Argentinean mother, Victoria Stagni apprenticed in oil painting at Pierre Lafage (a graduate of the Beaux-Arts in Paris and Bordeaux) in the Atelier Fine Arts of Bordeaux. At the same time, she set up her workshop in the Bordeaux district of Chartrons. Since 2015, Victoria has been part of the collective of international artists "Human Beings, What Unifies Us?" made up of Cuban, European and ...

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