Discovery Collection > Corn dream

Oil painting- 60X60 cm- 2018

The artist's face is here "melted" in the center of a richly ornamented golden mask. It is a soothing face that seems immersed in deep meditation. This solar mask radiates on multicolored ears of corn coveted by a set of colorful birds competing for beauty. But what are these birds waiting for to feed on the ears within reach? A sign, an authorization of the mask to which they would be subjected and which, on waking, would put an end to the growth of corn? This painting evokes a Mayan version of the garden of the Hesperides where the ears replace the golden apples and where the birds are so many deities, only allowed to taste the grains offering fertility and immortality.

Victoria Stagni

Victoria Stagni, painter in Bordeaux. Born in Buenos Aires of a Paraguayan father and an Argentinean mother, Victoria Stagni apprenticed in oil painting at Pierre Lafage (a graduate of the Beaux-Arts in Paris and Bordeaux) in the Atelier Fine Arts of Bordeaux. At the same time, she set up her workshop in the Bordeaux district of Chartrons. Since 2015, Victoria has been part of the collective of international artists "Human Beings, What Unifies Us?" made up of Cuban, European and ...

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