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Peinture à l'huile- 100X81 cm- 2020

Two fragile universes gathered under the same sky for the time of a painting: the luxuriance of the Amazon which meets the aridity of the plains of East Africa.

Two women who face each other in all their majesty: the Guarani and the Massai wearing their traditional ornaments. Around them, wild animals, life companions that the two peoples were able to respect for a sharing of the environment in harmony.

Again, a canvas celebrating the beauty of women and the living.

A work that expresses a deep desire to preserve nature by taking example from these peoples who, although gradually yielding ground under the pressure of the Western world, remain examples to protect the soil from destruction of our contemporaries.

A work which magnifies women - and not men - to recall, without idealization, the incredible and unbearable violence of which they are also victims in these patriarchal societies.

Always the woman for the salvation of Man ...

Victoria Stagni

Victoria Stagni, painter in Bordeaux. Born in Buenos Aires of a Paraguayan father and an Argentinean mother, Victoria Stagni apprenticed in oil painting at Pierre Lafage (a graduate of the Beaux-Arts in Paris and Bordeaux) in the Atelier Fine Arts of Bordeaux. At the same time, she set up her workshop in the Bordeaux district of Chartrons. Since 2015, Victoria has been part of the collective of international artists "Human Beings, What Unifies Us?" made up of Cuban, European and ...

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