Green & Orange, Summer Wildflowers, Floral Painting

“Green & Orange”, small bouquet from wildflowers, green and orange colors. Life sketch made from summer plants - Ribwort Plantain, Mayweed / Chamomile and Field Bindweed. Mixed media painting - acrylic paints and markers, 2020
Color palette: Persimmon, Jaffa and Coral Orange, Burnt Sienna, Chartreuse, dark green.
© ClipsoCallipso / Julia Khoroshikh
#wildflowers #floralart #florals #botanical #botanicalsketch #floralpainting #contemporaryfloral #modernfloral

Julia Khoroshikh

St Petersburg based artist, working with traditional media mostly - acrylic, pastels and wool and loves painting. Fantasy / surreal art, floral art - abstract and realistic, pattern design.

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