Desde la roca

Different landscapes inspire my creations. I tend to "collect" different scenarios and different moments, by the action of painting them, and this way I can capture them in a unique way.

This painting is inspired by how we look at certain situations, how we maintain our distance and are able to observe from our own perspective.

Original painting, 100% authentic, painted with arylic painting on paper, signed with a Certificate of Authenticity. Made with highest grade materials and using only professional archival paints. I ensure your art will not only be enjoyable today, but will make for a wise long-term investment. This is a great way to start or add to an existing collection.

Eileen Lunecke

Eileen Lunecke is a collector of places and moments. Real places inspire her creations, using her own experiences as a starting point. She has always been interested in working with striking colors, and today this resource allows her to transmit her discourse in a clean and precise way. She visits places, imbues herself with the feeling of actually being there, takes notes, and additionally makes a photographic record of each place. This way, the city and the people are the ...

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