Embrace it

Different landscapes inspire my creations. I tend to "collect" different scenarios and different moments, by the action of painting them, and this way I can capture them in a unique way.

This painting is inspired by the ability we have to make certain situations our own, to accept, to live with what we have to live with.

Original painting, 100% authentic, painted with acrylic painting on paper, signed with a Certificate of Authenticity. Made with highest grade materials and using only professional archival paints. I ensure your art will not only be enjoyable today, but will make for a wise long-term investment. This is a great way to start or add to an existing collection.

Eileen Lunecke

Eileen Lunecke is a collector of places and moments. Real places inspire her creations, using her own experiences as a starting point. She has always been interested in working with striking colors, and today this resource allows her to transmit her discourse in a clean and precise way. She visits places, imbues herself with the feeling of actually being there, takes notes, and additionally makes a photographic record of each place. This way, the city and the people are the ...

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