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We set out to find this hidden spot along the coast North of Big Sur in Garrapata State Park. (Photographers and nature lovers don't share details very often to find this little spot!) We found this little cluster of three perfect Calla Lilies just sitting there. I used my wide angle lens to distort and enhance the foreground. My wife has this in our dining room and admires it everyday. Ahhh.... to be in Big Sur right now. This is one of those places I want to be on a Friday afternoon.

John Harrison

John is a Nationally Award-Winning Fine Art Nature and Landscape photographer, hiker, outdoor enthusiast and Silicon Valley product manager living in the San Francisco Bay Area. “I’m a landscape guy! This is my outlet and passion! I love capturing vibrant colors in sunrises and sunsets, textures in nature, the moon, flowing water and waterfalls. I try to capture the mood of the scene and love how the light interacts with the scene. My “Nature’s Firefall” image ties all of these ...

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