Blue Vase

Painting: Acrylic on Canvas.

Size: 40 H x 30 W x 0.5 in

This painting represents my come back to impressionism after painting large size abstracts for more than a year.

Here, I wanted to capture the atmosphere surrounding a door hidden by a tree. I meant to show how abandoned this house by placing an old and forgotten blue vase in front of its door steps.

The narrow, yellow and dry walkway before the door steps adds to the mystery of a locked yellow door.

I painted using pallet knife only to build texture and add energy to the painting.

This is an original abstract painting. The medium is acrylic on canvas of size: 40x30 inches. Created on Sep 9, 2014.

The painting is signed by me (the artist) and ready to ship. The stretched canvas is staple free sides, wired on the back and ready to hang.

Keywords: acrylic, painting, acrylic painting, contemporary, door, flower, architecture, house, impressionism, impressionist, lavender, modern

Khalid Alzayani

Khalid’s abstract style, bold and fearless brush work allow him to communicate emotions and mode felt at the moment of painting. His paintings are gestural, impactful and full of movements. Each of his pieces is full of warmth, life and color, which reflects the man behind the brush perfectly. His lively brush strokes, whether straight or more playfully curving and dancing, always convey a sense of emotions and delight in his art. He obviously loves to paint. The viewer sees ...

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