Abstract > Kepler-62e (Exologos #6)

orderly plus signs meet red negatives / stringy structure of spacetime / tenuous green exosphere cutaway view

“From “exo” (outside) plus “logos” (knowledge). Gwazda has been collecting, cataloging, and organizing an extensive collection of graphs, diagrams, simulations, data visualizations, and photographic observations from the sciences, with a focus on biology, physics, cosmology, and mathematics. These supersaturated, many-layered collages initially reference the history of science fiction and fantasy art, but a second glance reveals pixelated textures and digital artifacts that break up the pictorial space. The artist intends to question the systems of knowledge production that have both expanded and put limitations on how we perceive our universe.”

Farley Gwazda

Farley Gwazda is an artist, gallerist, curator, and educator who lives and works in Berkeley, CA. He makes use of drawing, digital collage, video, code, and interactive installation to create conceptual projects that explore consciousness, communication, and the visual culture of the sciences. He pulls from wide-ranging research into various topics, including the early development of written language, the neurobiology of perception, the visualization of particle physics and cosmology, and the application of the evolutionary algorithm to computing design. His ...

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