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For each print in the "Quadratis" series, I've exposed one square negative in four orientations on a single sheet of traditional photography paper. I've spent the past year searching out subject matter in the urban and natural environment that would lend itself well to this op(tical)-art effect. I force the perspective through the viewfinder and visualize the final result while composing the photograph, and then I print the image full-frame with minimal cropping. Photographing this way has been an interesting exercise for me, especially with the precise darkroom work required to make the four exposures match. What I find most satisfying is seeing the final image for the first time as it rises from the white paper in the developer tray. The result is always different than what I anticipated. This is an ongoing project, and I hope to have 100+ images in the "Quadratis" series upon its completion.

Image taken on Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA, with a Hasselblad 500c, using Ilford black & white film.

Dan Root

Using black & white film and printing in a darkroom has been my passion since I was a young teen. The technical process has always appealed to me - the care and attention to detail required to create good images is a challenge that I love. Successfully controlling all the variables - exposure, chemical temperatures, development times and printing with an enlarger, is an ultimate satisfaction. I'm drawn to the artificial landscapes of the urban settings we live in. The ...

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