I have no idea what kind of leaf this is, but it was in a bouquet I got from my daughter for mother's day. It was so beautiful, and it gets even more interesting as it fades. I have already made another black and white series of this leaf, but I wanted to add something to make it even more unique and ended up with rain drops. This photo consists of two layers; one black and white shot of the leaf and one shot of the hood of a car in rain. The image is one in a series.

Randi Grace Nilsberg

I wish to share with you some of the beauty I have noticed around me. I hope it gives you a brief escape from your everyday worries! I don’t always know what I want with an image, but it always starts with a photo of something random that for one reason or the other caught my attention. It could be the beauty of an object itself or the beauty within the object. It could be the story from the inside, ...

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