This all started in maybe 1980 when the Seneca Point cottage was built. It is a beautiful place and lake called Kanadarqua by the Senecas meaning "The Chosen Place." Over the years I have stood on the deck looking out on Bare Hill and Vine Valley made lots of pictures from maybe five (slightly different places) on the deck. I photographed the sky, the water, the light and the feeling of the place. Storms, fireworks on July 4, flares on Labor Day, a bit of Spring or Fall, clouds and all. I never intended to do anything with these pictures. They were made because the place sort of compelled me to. I was (and remain) captured by the spirit of the place.

So, I collected pictures. Then digital photography came along. Lightroom from Adobe allowed me to see my pictures in vast contact sheets. Instead of 12 pictures per page, defined by half a 220 roll, I could now group pictures as a folder or group defined by mood, or subject or color. As a result of grouping pictures in a folder called Sky/Water I got to see a whole bunch of relationships and juxtapositions that previously I might/would not have. These pictures are the result.

Keith Johnson

Keith Johnson received his MFA from RISD studying with Harry Callahan and Aaron Siskind following a year at Visual Studies Workshop with Nathan Lyons. Ten years of teaching led to a move to the business side of photography after completing an MBA. He supports his fine art making as a sales consultant in the northeast and is on the summer faculty at Penland School of Crafts, VSW, and Maine Media Workshop, and thesis mentor at SVA in NY and AIB ...

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