Expressionist > The Architecture Of Infinity # 2

Photograph from the collection, "Pieces Of Infinity".
-Limited edition of 10.
-Signed and numbered on front, includes certificate of authenticity.

The print is crafted using pigment inks on museum grade archival papers. Only the highest quality of acid free materials is used in the printing process, guaranteeing each print an archival lifespan of over 150 years if properly cared for.

Taylor Jorjorian

Born 1985 Taylor Jorjorian is a contemporary photographic artist living and working near Nashville, TN. Aside from an apprenticeship in photography he is predominately self-taught. Taylor's work is created using a blend of philosophy and technique. Believing that photography can be just as freely expressive as painting, sculpture or any other mainstream artistic medium he has spent over 5 years developing his "Liberum Method" for creating photographs. Based on the idea of subject creation rather than subject documentation this method ...

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