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Trans-national experimentation. A re-configurable grid of a variable number (between 1 and 15) images, inspired by multiple printing techniques and visual composition strategies from London, Tokyo, and San Francisco. Creates a visual form that layers three formal experiments: on the top, Birgit Skiold's deep debossing from London, in the middle a random walk through the gardens surrounding the Nezu Museum's teahouses, and underneath it all are San Francisco aquatint throws on reclaimed metal.

Birgit Skiold's deep debossing from London, re-composes a Nezu Museum Tokyo teahouse walk into
a tetraptych of stone-statue annotated circles, and San Francisco aquatint throws on reclaimed metal.

Each composition is two layers.

The lowest layer is an impression of the backside of a previously-
used printing plate, with random noise. This noise comes from existing cancellation marks, metal filing,
scratching created by surfing with the plate on a concrete sidewalk, resin drops, and aquatint.
This layer is printed in orange, blue, or pink combined with metallic pigment.

The second, middle layer is a digital photomontage of stone sculptures from the Nezu Museum's tea tea garden, arranged in a circle directly in the center of the print. This layer also includes various line art or guilloche

Benjamin De Kosnik

My work is about systems, processes, and patterns. I use visual art, conceptual thinking, serious gaming, and performance to create works that hope to be artifacts from a changed future.

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