Still life with hens and toy sword

Inspired by classical hunting scenes, the idea was to make a dining room painting featuring some live animals, food and toys. Crampton found some pet hens living in a backyard in San Francisco to draw, photograph and take videos of. The other elements were added from life. The blue color was chosen to make the hens seem less appetizing. Crampton sketches direct on canvas with a brush and adds color glazes to build up the color.

Carolyn Crampton

Carolyn Crampton born in Larchmont, New York. She received her BFA in painting from University of Colorado. Her painting studio is at Hunters Point Shipyard in San Francisco. Crampton lives with rescued rabbits. She wrote and illustrated the books “Rabbit Language or ‘Are you going to eat that?’ “, and the just released "Ladybird: My Eight Lives", and illustrated “Dumbunny”. All books are available at bookstores and at Amazon. Carolyn worked as a graphic designer. Crampton has taught art and ...

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