Restaurant le 59 new > Headlight #2907 vertical

The image is from my "Headlights Up Close" portfolio which contains a selection of automobile headlight reflections ranging from realistic mirrored images to brilliant painting-like color abstractions. Shot with a macro lens, many of the images have been enlarged to 3 x 4 feet for exhibitions in museums and galleries. Available as archival prints on paper or stretched canvas.

Bert Ihlenfeld

Professional Development: Born and educated in Berlin, Germany, I consider myself a true California artist since I lived here most of my life. My creative development and resulting achievements as a fine art photographer are rooted in the natural environment of the Monterey Peninsula and the influences of fine art photographers such as Ruth Bernhard, Rod Dresser, Kim Weston, Jerry Uelsmann, Maggie Taylor, and Huntington Witherill. I am an active member of the ImageMakers of the Monterey Peninsula. My work ...

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