Oil on canvas, painted in 2014. This painting constitutes part of an installation entitled "MEMORY" and makes reference to everyday things in our world which serve as general and personal memory triggers. Clouds invoke many iconic associations, both in the literal and the figurative sense: allusion to the higher, heavenly realms; reference to unlimited freedom, where there are no restrictions; but also to forms and figures which cloud formations can conjure up, such as faces, animals or landscapes. All of these associations trigger specific memories.

Marcella Lassen

An American artist who has lived in Europe for more than three decades, Marcella Lassen is a native of Southern California. She completed a BFA Degree cum laude in Fine Arts and Art History at the University of Southern California in 1975. Moving to Europe permanently in 1976, she has lived and worked in Germany, Austria, Belgium and Switzerland. She completed a further degree in Monumental Painting at the Art Academy in Brussels in 1998. Marcella Lassen has exhibited throughout ...

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