dragon boat racers: toronto international dragon boat festival 7

I keep coming back to photograph the dragon boat racers. I think I am drawn by the rhythm, power and grace emerging from the chaos of a race. For this image I chose to capture the moment using in camera multiple exposure. For me the result faithfully captures the intensity of a race at the Toronto International Dragon Boat Festival.

Stephen D'Agostino

Stephen D’Agostino is a photographer based in Toronto, Canada. Focussed on photo impressionism, he uses multiple exposure, slow shutter and digital montage techniques to realize his vision. Stephen's images are exhibited on the internet at www.dagostino.ca where he is highly ranked on Google, Yahoo, and Bing under the search phrase “photo impressionism”. Stephen also curates the Photo Impressionism Project at www.photoimpressionism.ca; a blog promoting the genre.

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