Txomin Txuea, "Gourougou 11, 2014"

Every day hundreds of immigrants mainly from sub-Saharan Africa, survive in harsh conditions, hidden away in improvised camps of plastic, camouflaging in the beautiful natural environment of pine forest and rocks of Mount Gourougou, trying to avoid being located by Moroccan security forces, and try to circumvent the three consecutive metal barriers of about five km. in length and over eight meters high, equipped with concertina wire with -knives sharp-, separating and hinder the ultimate goal of achieving the European border city of Melilla, to comply with the dream and the right of every human being in pursuit of a dignified life, egalitarian and freedom of movement.

Txomin Txueka

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San Francisco

San Francisco Camerawork is a non-profit art organization dedicated to innovative photography. Founded in 1974, SF Camerawork’s mission is to encourage and support emerging artists to explore new directions and ideas in the photographic arts. Through exhibitions, publications, and educational programs, we strive to create an engaging platform for artistic exploration as well as community involvement and inquiry. The spacious and light filled gallery is located on Market street in the Civic Center/Central Market district and is free and open ...

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