Freshmen by Bryan M. Boutwell


I created this painting because I wanted to convey the initial feelings that take place when two lovers 1st meet and start dating. Its that beginning period of the relationship when the sparks are flying and when both partners are completely head over heals for one another. It’s when they both bend their schedules and break their routines in order to fit the other one into their lives as much as possible. It’s that space in time where they haven’t shown all their cards yet and when they are still trying to be the absolute best versions of themselves.

This intense romantic period doesn’t last long, but this is why it makes it so special. The blue and maroon sharp edged shapes in the painting represent the broken routines of each person in the relationship. I painted the white silhouetted couple on the bike too represent my idea of innocence and youth. However, I did place each of them on different canvasses because I know that over time that initial wooing period will come to an end, reality will set in, and that euphoria will separate from the reality of a long term relationship. I’m not saying that love won’t remain present in their relationship, but rather that their ideal of perfection for one another will dissolve. A sense of reality will eventually enter in to the equation and each individuals truths and flaws will reveal themselves. I wanted to paint a picture that embraced the ephemeral moments of perfect attraction because they are so savory and fleeting.

Bryan M. Boutwell

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