The Pen-A-Traitor, by Bryan M. Boutwell

12 H x 14 W x 5" D

I created this sculpture because I wanted to create a tool that would combat writer’s block. The writer simply picks up the Pen-A-Traitor when stuck in a writer’s block and allows the Pen-A-Traitor to think for them.The Pen-A-Traitor’s light bulb lights up after it has found its way through the writer's block, letting the writer know that it was ready to write what they couldn’t. The Pen-A-Traitor also comes equipped with extra ammo as you can see. I had a blast making this sculpture.

Bryan M. Boutwell

represented by

The McLoughlin

The McLoughlin Gallery is an approachable, inviting gallery with a social conscience. The mission of the gallery is to educate and intrigue by showcasing established mid-career and emerging contemporary artists whose work is unique, integrating bright, bold colors and conveying an emotional punch. Art work that makes you think. A portion of proceeds will benefit Glide and Stanford Breast Cancer Research. The McLoughlin Gallery is an independent enterprise not associated or connected with Stanford University and its activities are not ...

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