Sunset Music Golden Gate Park

This print is a print from a painting. The three paintings of the triptych of the Music Concourse at Golden Gate Park took more than two years to make if one includes the detailed set of studies on paper. This is the largest of the three and the center panel of a cruciform triptych. My intention was to encode musicality and the movement of dance in the marks, as well as to suggest Sunset as the time of day without the overt use of shadow for formal modeling.

Thomas Wolf

I am a native of California, returning to reside here in 1999 after careers in the military, theater, historic building restoration and writing. I have been dedicated to painting since 1992. In over 20 years I have taught myself to paint by studying great works from around the world that exemplify the styles and techniques of every age, by reading artists' first-hand accounts of their own experience and processes and by going to the easel each day to develop the ...

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