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From the series "American Family"

The series American Family was presented at The McLoughlin Gallery in San Francisco as the debut solo exhibition of Venezuelan native, LA based artist Cristóbal Valecillos. Through the use of photography the artist captures the amalgamation of cultures and heritages that make up a contemporary American family transposed inside a cardboard home. A full-scale replica of an American house made entirely from paper and recycled material will be on display during the exhibition. Pushing through cardboard doors, visitors will be immersed into a transient existence.

In his previous body of work, A Cardboard Life, Valecillos satirized the archetypal wealthy American contemporary home. Meticulously coiffed models dressed on paper garments posed theatrically as family members in domestic settings made entirely from cardboard materials. The artist created an eco-realm of beauty, exposing the exquisite impermanence of fashion and the transient nature of existence.

Valecillos' new body of work delves deeper into the realm of today’s American family. Responding to the diversity of American society, the artist comments on the United States as a country comprised of an ever-changing mix of immigrants and locals of different heritage. The American Family addresses this fusion of different backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures in flux. It is exactly this variation and multiplicity that makes the American family a captivating subject for the artist to explore.

Combining subversive social commentary with a unique method of delivery, Valecillos succeeds in breaking down all boundaries, balancing firmly on the razor edge of contemporary art. The monochromatic scenes in American Family are social snapshots with an environmental narrative. Cardboard is the vehicle for the story, and by clever manipulation the artist imbued it with new life. Through the fine crafting of paper products recycling becomes elegant.

Valecillos has two decades of artistic experience in the direction of television commercials and music videos. His trademark editorial style and provocative narrative is apparent in his former and current projects with artists such as Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and Madonna.

Cristobal Valecillos

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