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Philip Intile is a rising senior in high school. He already has his eye on a potential career path: one that loops on and on and on.

He’s only 16, but Intile is an artist (known as Pi-Slices in the GIF art world). He’s a GIF-maker and the founder of GIF Artists Collective, a group of digital artists whose “GIF art” was recently spotlighted by Tumblr, the micro-blogging platform that houses much of their work — GIFs of sliding rays of sun, GIFs of brains melting into a slippery pink ooze, GIFs of abstract crystals morphing shape and shifting color.

GIFs, those moving pictures (“Harry Potter-like” as one GIF artist describ ed) that endlessly loop on Tumblr, Reddit, imgur and more, have previously been confined to the role of quick reaction or speedy punchline — a snap-of-the-fingers from Ru Paul’s “Drag Race” or a clipped pratfall from the latest YouTube sensation, repeated over and over and over.

The GIF Artists Collective wants to change that.

The collective is showcasing some of the best GIF art on Tumblr and beyond and nourishing a growing community of artists and illustrators paying their rent in GIFs.

And there’s never been a better time to get into GIFs.Since starting in November, the collective has been taking submissions on monthly themes and is attracting more and more attention since gifartistscollective.tumblr.com got a recent boost from Tumblr corporate. The staff included the URL in its weekly trending e-mail and sang it out on the staff.tumblr.com trending topics section, viewable to all users of the site.

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