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There’s never been a better time to get into GIFs.Since starting in November, the collective has been taking submissions on monthly themes and is attracting more and more attention since gifartistscollective.tumblr.com got a recent boost from Tumblr corporate. The staff included the URL in its weekly trending e-mail and sang it out on the staff.tumblr.com trending topics section, viewable to all users of the site.

Daylighted Photos

Daylighted has created an interactive custom digital canvas capable of managing and exhibiting art - The SmArtGallery. The SmArtGallery is a real revolutionary concept in regard to the future of wall art. It's the first of its kind to create an ever-changing art experience. Images showing comes from our portfolio of static and dynamic images: photography, painting, gif, videos, etc. View our full portfolio on www.dlgt.co.

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