Yellow Dead Head

This is a digital print, but it originated on 4 11"x17" pieces of paper. One was printed with the text layout from a dot-matrix printer connected to a pc clone assembled in a garage in Bellingham, Washington. The other three were drawings I made with grey and blacks in felt-tip art pens. The final products were made by visiting the Seattle University district Kinko's, where Blaine the color copier god deigned to allow me access to the exposure plates so I could swap drawings or printouts for each color scan, resulting in a number of one-of-a-kind photocopies. One of these hung in my show in Seattle at the # Gallery in 1997. This was the point as a poet where my concrete form gave way to pictorial form and my narrative dissipated.

Thomas Wolf

I am a native of California, returning to reside here in 1999 after careers in the military, theater, historic building restoration and writing. I have been dedicated to painting since 1992. In over 20 years I have taught myself to paint by studying great works from around the world that exemplify the styles and techniques of every age, by reading artists' first-hand accounts of their own experience and processes and by going to the easel each day to develop the ...

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