This is as close as I am ever likely to get to painting a Rembrandt. I painted this upon returning from the Netherlands, where I had accommodations bordering the red-light district. It is an act of admiration for the Weimar era painters who considered naught tabu. This is an oil on linen with a painted frame. I have combined the image of the painting with a new framing file for an exclusive Daylighted edition of only 56.

Thomas Wolf

I am a native of California, returning to reside here in 1999 after careers in the military, theater, historic building restoration and writing. I have been dedicated to painting since 1992. In over 20 years I have taught myself to paint by studying great works from around the world that exemplify the styles and techniques of every age, by reading artists' first-hand accounts of their own experience and processes and by going to the easel each day to develop the ...

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